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WELCOME, to the Official Biafran Memorial Website. Igbo Peoples’ Congress Houston, Texas is the driving force behind Biafran memorial.com

Mission: to build a memorial village to honor our warriors that died in the Nigerian-Biafran war.

"It is a matter of tradition, the tradition of our ancestors that gave us to understand that those that fall in battle must be honored because of their supreme sacrifice. Ignoring this concept will mean that they died in vain. Make no mistake; they did not die in vain."

Many of our dead warriors fall in different battle fields. Nobody knows their graves. Therefore, we must rehabilitate their graves in a given location – memorial village. One of us that survived that war did put it in great perspective, when he said if we build this memorial village, then I will know where to find the graves of five sons of my father that never came back and nobody can say where they died or buried. One can then pose this question, if we do not build a memorial for our brave heroes that defended us when we were at the brink of extermination who else will? No matter how we may deny or push it aside, pretend it never happened to us, brothers and sisters it will never go away. That is a part of our history – the history of the peoples of Eastern and Mid-Western Nigeria. Indeed it forms the first chapters of our modern history. Our fathers told us over and over, our dead worriers are our blood, our bone and the living link will not be disjoined.