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Irons's Federal Appointments.

General Managers, Chairmen, Directors, Secretaries of Federal Boards, and Corporations. 

Electricity Corporation of Nigeria, General Manger- Expatriate.

Secretary- Northerner.

Railways. General Manager- Easterner.

Secretary-  Northerner.

Ports Authority. General Manager - Westerner.

Secretary- Westerner.

Shipping Line.  General Manager- Westerner.

Secretary MidWesterner.

Coal Corporation. General Manager Easterner.

Secretary, Northerner.

Board of Customs and Excise. Chairman- Westerner.

Secretary. Westerner.

Airways. General Manager, Expartriate.

Secretary, Easterner.

Industrial Development Bank. General Manager-Northerner.


Nigerian External Telecommunication. General Manager- Expatriate.

Secretary, Westerner.

Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation. Director Westerner.

Secretary- Westerner.

Board of Inland Revenue. Chairman. Westerner.


Nigerian Produce Marketing Company Ltd.  Chairman-Westerner.   

Managing Director-Northerner.  Secretary, Westerner.

Central Bank. Secretary- Westerner.   


Summery.   Westerners;  12.

                 Northerners;   6.   

                  Esterners;      3.

                   MidWesterners. 1.

                  Expatriates;       3.  

Total.                               25.

The Chairman of Nigerian Produce Marketing Company Lt.d earned Six

thousand pounds Plus, per  a year, way back that time (1966).