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      1.     Ensure that 30th of  May of every year is a date to remember,
               honor, and cherish our heroes that died during the Nigerian-Biafran 
       2.     Secure a land where the memorial village will be located.
       3.     Raise enough funds for the purchase of land, and the construction 
               of memorial village or villages.
       4.     Make sure that every soldier that died fighting to defend our 
               identity is in the data base of Biafranmemorial.org.
       5.     Will annex, Uli, Uga, airports, the site where Ahiara declaration
                was enacted, and other necessary historic landmarks that
                came into creation because of the war.
        6.     Urge our Biafran war veterans to form a body and make these
                 projects what we all will be proud of.
         7.     Ensure that Oji river projects come to lime light so that our
                  wounded soldiers who are still alive will be kept busy.
         8.     Veterans that survived the war upon kicking the bucket will
                  be buried along with the fallen heroes, unless otherwise stated 
                  in one's will.
         9.     Biafranmemorial.org, will push vigorously for the economic
                  developments of our regions.